The DAO Consensus Community Mitap: Key Trends in DeFi by DAO Consensus will take place on 13 November 2020.

This is a live event with a live 3.5 hour online broadcast in Moscow, where industry leaders will talk about the secrets of effective mining, discuss the prospects of NFT as a new class of virtual assets, and talk about the possibilities of DAO.

There will be three discussion panels around these topics – Mining, DeFi & NFT and DAO. What can you make money on today in mining, how to maximise profits and avoid financial losses? What is an NFT non-replaceable token and what are the prospects for collecting digital objects? And also – all about the features of decentralized autonomous organisations (DAO). Learn about the latest trends from top market experts!

The bonus of the meeting will be a presentation Bitcoin Method of the DAO Consensus community, the founder of which will talk about the possibilities of the network community and how to improve your financial situation by becoming a digital consultant or using other DAO community resources.

The programme will also reward the best digital consultants and speakers.

The presenters:

Lokomotiv Blokchain Movement, Crypto-moderator and permanent presenter of online and offline events, face of decentralised television Sergey Sevantsyan
Co-Founder of Berezka DAO Roman Kaufmann

Ilya Churakov, founder of DAO Consensus
Binance’s representative for Russia and CIS Gleb Kostarev
Development Director at 1inch Nikita Ovchinnik
Oleg Ivanov, entrepreneur, financial and investment expert, founder of Berezka DAO, CryptoBazar fund, CB Capital Fund.
Co-Founder of Berezka DAO Leonid Morozovsky
CEO of LAZM Philip Modnov
Roman Moiseev, founder of DeFireX service, entrepreneur, cryptoentusist, experienced crypto investor (since 2012)
Eremin Artem, representative of Chilkoot, the largest importer of miners to Russia.
Co-Founder of UniDao and MarsDao Andrey Voronkov
Founder and CEO of BitRiver data centre Igor Runets
Denis Smirnov, UniDAO project supervisor, consultant in the field of block technology.
Georgy Galoyan, founder of
Mitap participants are cryptotraders, investors, entrepreneurs, project managers, startup founders, representatives of crypto exchanges and crypto wallets, and everyone who wants to learn about new market opportunities.

Guests are welcome to the welcome-zone with sparkling drinks, networking and incendiary atepathy!

Format of the event: offline with live online broadcast – you can participate from anywhere in the world!

Mitap will be broadcasted on decentralised crypto television dTV.

The general partner of the event is PONS.

Special partners are CITYLIFE, NeoMAXs,, Neironix.

Communiti and media partner – ThinkTank Community.

Registration for offline and online participation (link to the broadcast will arrive at the post office).

The MITap will take place on 13 November from 18:30 MSK in the SOK Fishermen Tower covorking at 36 Leningradsky Prospekt, Leningrad, Russia. 11.

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